Holo Manicure Trick: How to Turn Any Polish Into Holo Nail Polish

Attention, hologram nails lovers! Did you know that you can turn plain old varnish into holo nail polish? When you use holographic top coats, you can add that gorgeous holo finish to absolutely any type of nail polish that you love to create that much-loved holo finish.

Here’s everything that you need to know to get your dream holo manicure.

Getting Started with Hologram nails

Who doesn’t adore the hologram nails trend? This social media darling turns heads in real life and on the internet with its dynamic multi-tone colouring. It’s easy to love almost everything about it. The only issue is that it’s a bit of a pain to get started with holo nails.

As anybody who loves nail art knows, it’s all too easy to spend a ton of cash on nail supplies. Sure, you can buy one bottle of holo nail polish to get started, but then what? Then you’ve got one single colour option when you’re in that holo mood.

If you want a well-stocked arsenal of nail options, you’ll need a handful or two of different holo nail polish colours. That’s a pricey setup to get started with that.

On top of that, nail varnish will go bad after 18 to 24 months. Once this starts to happen, you will see a dramatic breakdown in the quality of every bottle. That makes investing in dozens of bottles of one style of finish not all that practical.


Using Holo Powder 

Holo powder is an ultra-easy way to turn any nail polish into a holo nail polish and it definitely works for some people. If you have been using regular nail polish in a bottle for all of your life, however, getting started with powder can be intimidating. 

That said, once you know that you’re doing, it’s easy to get started with powders of all kinds, including holo powder. Just check out these quick and easy tips for a range of powder finish options.  


Discovering Holographic Top Coats 

While holo powder is great, it takes some time to get used to and it is definitely a bit messier than plain old nail polish in a bottle. That’s why we absolutely love holo toppers. They are easy to work with and can go on top of absolutely any polish.

Rather than a basic clear top coat, you can add an explosion of colour with a simple holographic top coat. There’s no learning curve. You just paint it on like any other polish.

Instead of having to buy a whole collection of holo nail polish, you can get just a few to create an endless rainbow of colour. Adding a holo toppers kit to your nail supply collection is a true gamer changer.

Just get a few different gold and diamond shades in different varieties (dust, flake and crushed) to create the foundation for absolutely any holo nail style you want to create.

Pro Top: When you are looking at options for holo top coats, and nail polish in general, always always opt for 5-free. This is not a marketing gimmick. It’s an essential healthcare precaution and it’s worth paying attention to (read more on why).

Toxic chemicals that cause cancer like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) are incredibly dangerous to your health. While some of them are banned in the European Union and other areas, it’s all too easy to get your hands on these dangerous chemicals.

Play it safe with 5-free polish, which is just as effective but healthier. It costs very little to replace these five chemicals with non-toxic alternatives and it’s worth it.


How to Do A Home Manicure

The great thing about holo toppers is that you can stick with your normal at-home manicure routine. Start with a standard base coat, then slather on any colour that you like. As always, you will want to go with two thin coats of polish to create a finished look before adding that holo touch. 

Pro Tip: Generally holo toppers are put on top of black polish to create a dramatic effect. Black and other dark colours will definitely give you the strongest holographic finish, but they aren’t the only option. Go crazy experimenting!

The best thing about holo top coats is that you can use them with absolutely any nail varnish colour that you love. Try lighter shades for a more subtle look. Opt for bright colours for a wild and vibrant look.

How about a different colour on each nail? Experiment and see what works for you. Keep in mind that using gold holo top coat polish will look different from silver, while dust holo finishes will be different from the smooth linear holo finish options. Mix and match to find what you love.

Once you’ve got you've holo topper on, you’re all set to go and WOW the world!   


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