2020 Nail Polish Trends: Types of Holographic Nail Polish

On the hunt for the biggest 2020 nail polish trends? From garden party shades to negative space nail art to modern French manicures, this is going to be a fabulous year for nail lovers.

While some of the hottest nail polish trends are a bit tricky to pull off at home, there are a couple of impressive styles that don’t require a salon. When it comes to stunning DIY manicures, it’s all about the latest types of holographic nail polish.

For an easy DIY manicure that will get you compliments every time, start here. Let’s run down the different types of holographic nail polish.

What Is Holographic Nail Polish?

Holographic nail polish (sometimes just called holo) is an upgraded version of classic glitter nail polish --- but it’s far from the only reflective varnish out there! In fact, with all of the gorgeous sparkly nail polishes out there, there’s some confusion about different types of nail polish. So, let’s break it down. 

What Is the Difference Between Holo and Glitter Nail Polish?

As soon as you see holographic nail polish next to glitter, you’ll notice the difference between holo and glitter. While glitter reflects light in a single colour, holographic polish actually bends the light and shows a rainbow of colours. 

What Is the Difference Between Holographic and Iridescent Nail Polish?

Another one of the biggest 2020 nail polish trends is iridescent, AKA mermaid nail polish. This cool look is eye-catching and shiny but doesn’t reflect a rainbow-like holographic nail polish. Instead, iridescent nail polish creates the mermaid manicure look but shifting one colour to another. 

What Is the Difference between Chrome and Holographic Nail Polish?

Chrome is another striking opinion that will actually give you far more shine than holographic polish. It is monochromatic, however, and doesn’t have the signature rainbow impact of holographic nail polish.

2020 Nail Polish Trends Pro Tip: Take the blue nail polish trend to the next level with blue holo nail polish. Check out Frozen blue metallic holo polish for a dramatic accent and navy blue manicure. Going for a bright aquamarine manicure? Northern Lights holo nail polish will take your look to the next level.


Types of Holographic Nail Polish

Now that you know what type of nail polish you are looking for, let’s talk about finding that perfect holographic nail polish. When you are searching for the best holographic nail polish, you are going to come across three different types: linear holo, holo glitter, and scattered holo. 

What Is Linear Holo Nail Polish?

When it comes to best holographic nail polish, linear holo styles are definitely amongst my favourite types of Holographic nail polish. With this style, you’ll have a linear rainbow of colours. This creates a band of rainbows reflections around each nail. Think nail art design without all the fuss.

Rather than polish though, you’ll paint on holo power from a jar. This option is a bit more pricey but a little goes a long way so it’ll last you for ages. 

Pro tip: Cheaping out on nail polish doesn’t pay off! While you may be able to snag a deal from your local bargain shop, you’ll pay more in the long run.

Polish that costs half the price might require triple the touch-ups. You don’t need to break the break though. Simply avoid the very cheapest low-quality picks and you’ll save cash in the long run.


What Is Scattered Holo Nail Polish?

Scattered holographic glitter nail polish is a hybrid between glitter and holo nail polish. This is a super popular option because it goes on smoothly. You can apply scattered halo nail polish just like normal polish so it’s an easy DIY manicure pick.

Want a super chic but ultra-simple manicure? Use a premium holo topcoat to seal in your manicure and breathe new life into your polish. 

What Is Holo Glitter Nail Polish?

If you follow Instagram nail trends, you’ve definitely seen holo glitter nail polish. These nail polishes have tiny little holographic specks that are differently shaped. Holo glitter nail polish makes it look like your entire nail is covered in diamonds.

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