Getting Started with Magnetic Nail Polish (and Taking Your Magnetic Mani to the Next Level)

Gorgeous multichrome magnetic nail polish by FUNLacquer

Gorgeous multichrome magnetic nail polish by FUNLacquer

In love with magnetic nail polish? We’re right there with you! This nail art trend has taken over Instagram and remained a top request at nail salons across the globe.

And while it’s always nice to unwind and get pampered at the salon, did you know it’s actually easy (and fun!) to do your own magnetic nails at home?

Ready to take your look to the next level and save some cash in the process? Here’s how to do magnetic nails at home.

What is Magnetic Nail Polish? 

While they look otherworldly, the technology behind magnetic nail polish is actually pretty straight forward. Basically, pieces of incredibly fine metal shavings are added into standard nail polish. These minuscule shavings can then be pulled into different patterns when a strong magnet.

Why We Love Multi-Chrome Magnetic Polish

FUN Lacquer came out with a game-changing multi-chrome magnetic polish that added another dimension to the already dynamic world of magnet nail polishes.

Photos definitely don’t do justice to the colours but you can get a sense from the video then check out the full range of multi-chrome magnetic nail polish colours. 


How Do I Do Magnetic Nails at Home?

The process of doing magnetic nails at home is as easy as can be. The only thing that is different with a magnetic manicure is that you will want to skip the base coat. If the surface of your nails is uneven, do use a high-quality ridge filler to get the smoothest surface possible. If your nails are generally in okay condition with a fairly even surface, just jump straight into the magnetic nail polish.  

Pro Tip: Always shake the bottle well before each use. The metal pieces are much heavier than the rest of the polish and tend to fall to the bottom of the bottle. Be sure to flip your bottle of magnetic nail polish a few times to get the pieces distributed evenly.

How Do You Use a Magnetic Nail Polish Wand?

Apply a thin first coat of polish then put the magnet over it immediately before it starts to dry. Keep the magnet as close as possible without touching. Generally, nail artists recommend about one mm between the magnet and your nail, which is about the width of the tip of a sharpened pencil. Leave the magnet over your nails for around 20 to 30 seconds.

The amount of time you leave it over your nail will affect how strong the pattern is. If you want one bold line, go for a longer time. If you want to create a series of fainter waves, do it for less time. You can play around and make different patterns and strengths.

Pro Tip: You will see different nail artists use different techniques. Some do one coat then do the magnet, then add a second coat and use the magnet again.

Meanwhile, others will do a base coat of colour, cure it, then add the second coat and only use the magnet once. The best way is completely down to personal preference. Magnetic nail art is always abstract and there’s no right or wrong way. Every nail will look different from the last and variations can add to the fun.

Can You Use a Regular Magnet for Magnetic Nail Polish? 

New art newbies often make the mistake of trying to use a regular magnet for magnetic nail polish. It is generally not going to work with your average fridge magnet. If you have an ultra-strong magnet in your toolbox, you might have better luck but it’s better to invest in a proper nail magnet.

Nail magnets are inexpensive, powerful, easy to hold onto and last forever so it’s well worth getting one if one isn’t included with your magnetic nail polish kit.

There are so many different cool styles that you can create with a magnet so get experimental. Check out all of these amazing designs for inspiration:


Do I use a Top Coat with Magnetic Nail Polish?

Yep! After you’ve got two coats of polish on and achieved a look that you’re loving, top coat is essential. While it’s always important to sealing in a manicure, it’s doubly important with magnetic nail polish because those tiny metal pieces are more likely to come off than your average polish if they’re not sealed in place.

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