Nail Trend Alert: How to Get Flawless Multichrome Nails That’ll Last for Weeks

Obsessed Multichrome Nail Polish

Obsessed Multichrome Nail Polish by FUNLacquer

Loving the multichrome nails trend? While it looks futuristic, sleek, and not so easy to do at home, it’s an easy DIY nail trend. 

Want a foolproof DIY manicure style that you can definitely nail at home? Here is your quick and easy tutorial on multichrome nails, along with a rainbow chrome nails tutorial.

Step One: Prep Your Nails

If you are going to buy all that nail gear and get stocked up on multichrome nail polish, then slave away over your hot hands, it better last! The best way to make sure that your nails stay looking gorgeous day after day is to carefully do a little nail prep work.

Spend the time to make sure that you remove 100% of your old nail polish and wash your hands before moving forward.

Ditch the nail clippers to prevent nail damage that can sabotage your mani and learn how to file your nail and file them. Before you do that, take a few minutes (8 minutes to be specific) to learn how to get the nails of your dreams. If you love long nails, this is especially important. The way that you file and shape your nails is going to play a central role in how easily your nails break.    


Step Two: Take Care of Your Cuticles 

To create a perfectly clean surface for your multichrome nail polish (which is key to making it last), use a cuticle remover and an orange stick to push back all that dried out dead skin.

Keep it simple with cuticle care and don’t go crazy trying to get rid of it all. As long as your cuticles aren’t going over the surface of your nail, you’re all set. If you have hangnails, trim them away with a sterilised cuticle trimmer but hold back from chopping away at your actual cuticles.

Once your nails are looking fresh and clean, give your hands a thorough washing, preferably with an exfoliating scrub. Be sure to dry your hands completely and use that orange stick again to make sure there is nothing stuck underneath those backsides of your nails.


Step Three: Prime the Surface

Before you reach for that multichrome nail polish, grab your preferred base coat to prime your nail. To maximise your manicure and keep your nails healthy, opt for a nutrient-investive base coat will help your nails stay durable and strong.

Pro Tip: Let that base coat dry for at least two minutes before you start to paint on the next coat of nail polish, and continue this same timing for every layer of polish. Using very thin layers of polish and letting them fully dry is one of the foundations of a long-lasting manicure.


Step Four: Apply Your Multichrome Nail Polish

You’ve finally reached the fun part of multichrome nails! Pull out your multichrome nail polish and get ready to create a gorgeous style. From mirror chrome nails to rainbow chrome nails to magnetic nail polish looks, there are so many ways to get chrome nails at home.

Choosing a Chrome Nail Polish

The best part of our manicures is choosing the colour. Here are a few options for that flashy multichrome nail polish effect.

Magnetic Nail Polish

One of the coolest ways to create unique nail art is with magnetic nail polish. This multichrome nail polish creates a drop-dead gorgeous style that you can completely make your own with the power of magnets.

And worry about getting started with a magnet. It’s easy. Here’s how:

Rainbow Chrome Nails

One of the most eye-catching tricks that you can do with multichrome nail polish is to create rainbow chrome nails. For this, you’re going to want to grab a few different colours of holo varnish. You’re going to start with red and pink tones then move onto orange and yellow shades then add those greens, blues, and purples.

For a memorising look, you can double down with a rainbow of magnetic nail polishes or create your own curated colour collection with every hue of the rainbow. 

Pro Tip: Love a more subtle look? Another beautiful style that will give you a multi-dimensional finish is colour shifting polish. It’s a bit less like mirror chrome nail and more glossy unicorn nail style.

Once you’ve picked just the right multichrome nail polish, apply those two thin coats of colour. Remember to take it slow and as steady as you can. Lightly paint on light coats then give them at least two minutes to dry.

Set a timer on your phone to make sure you don’t underestimate the time, then stick something good on the tv or your laptop to keep you from getting bored and rushing ahead.


Step Five: Seal the Deal

Once you have two coats of multichrome nail polish fully dried and ready to go, it’s time for the topcoat. While it’s tempting to skip this step, it’s crucial to the lifespan of your mani so spend the time.

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can use a gel top coat on any nail polish? Add a premium gel finish over the top of your chrome polish to make it last double the length. It will dry your polish faster too and prevent any surprises with tacky polish down the line.


Step Six: Add Moisture Back

Now that your nails look flawless, slather on some cuticle oil. This is important not just for your skin and cuticles but for the polish itself. Adding oil on top keeps the polish subtle to prevent cracking.


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