What Does Vegan/Cruelty-Free Nail Polish Mean?

Buying beauty products does not mean picking out what looks best, at least not anymore.

In the present times, it has now become our ethical and moral duty to be more conscious about the choices that we make. And this applies to buying beauty products as well.

The number of beauty brands that still rely on animal products for their businesses is staggeringly high. And it’s alarming the rate at which they continue to grow.

With several cruelty-free alternatives available on the market these days, you can easily support cruelty-free brands without having to discontinue using your favourite products altogether.

Which is to say, you can still enjoy painting your nails and not feel guilty about harming any animals in the process.

Vegan and cruelty-free nail polishes are starting to gain popularity amongst beauty enthusiasts and we only hope the trend catches on because that is the right thing to do. 


Not All Nail Polishes Are Created Equal

Remember, embracing a beauty routine that does not involved any form of animal cruelty is always possible if you are well informed on your options.

If you avoid non-vegan food and refuse to consume products that are tested on animals, take a step ahead and go vegan on your beauty products too for the good of the world and the peace of your mind.

There is a huge difference between regular nail polish and vegan or cruelty-free nail polish and simply knowing that can help you make a better decision without comprising on your style.


What Is Vegan Nail Polish?

Any nail polish that contains animal-derived ingredients is not vegan. For example, regular nail polish that is not cruelty-free heavily includes fish scales for the production of an ingredient called guanine which is also sometimes listed as “pearl essence” and produces that signature shinny look that nail polishes are known for.

A second by-product obtained from crushed beetles is called carmine, often listed as cochineal, and is very commonly used to give cosmetics, including nail polish, their red shade.

Yet another ingredient used to thicken the formula of nail polishes, oleic acid, is derived from animal fat.

Once you dive into studying the ingredients used to produce nail polishes, you’ll realize how you may be unknowingly perpetuating and encouraging an entire empire based off of this cruel practice!

However, the good news is that you can break the pattern by consciously choosing vegan and cruelty-free nail polish. Vegan nail polish offers the same quality and look without causing any hard to animals or the environment.


What is Cruelty-Free Nail Polish?

Cruelty-free nail polish refers to any nail polish that did not involve animal testing at any stage of its production. Companies that are cruelty-free do not test any of their products on animals, or pay third-party entities to do so.

Unfortunately, animal testing is a fairly common practice in the world of cosmetics and beauty brands. Animals are put through a series of brutal product testing techniques including dripping substances on their furs, eyes and skin with no regard to how this will impact them.

Therefore, by selecting a cruelty-free nail polish, you ensure that you’re not funding these brands to continue on with these practices.


Checking Whether Your Nail Polish is Vegan

Before you go on that shopping spree for summer or a holiday or any other occasion, do your research and find out which brands are vegan and produce cruelty-free nail polish.

If you do not get the time to do that, simply read through the ingredients list printed on nail polish bottles to find out if they contain the following:

  • Guanine (Pearl Essence)
  • Carmine (Cochineal)
  • Oleic Acid

If they do, it is not wise to spend your money on them and pay for animal cruelty. Walk away from those shelves until you find a brand that is either labeled “vegan”, has vegan/cruelty-free certification or makes cruelty-free nail polish as per your previous research and then dive in the stash to find the perfect shade for yourself. 


Why Choose Vegan Nail Polish?

Brands overlook healthier alternatives in production because they are not always cost-effective or easy and so animal-derived products are made in almost every industry, including beauty industry that is now thriving more than ever, and are distributed throughout the world.

Vegan nail polish or cruelty-free nail polish not only protects the environment, ecosystems and their inhabitants but also promotes honesty in all affairs by not endorsing choices that are immoral or lack ethical fervor.

Moreover, as a consumer, knowing that you are buying a product which was manufactured responsibly gives you a certain kind of joy.

By purchasing cruelty-free nail polish, you can explore your personal style while knowing that you’re making the right choice and that your actions are breaking the chain of an abusive cycle. No matter how small your contribution is, it counts!


Final Thoughts

Nail polish trends keep changing with time. And with different options to choose from including gel, chrome, glitter, magnetic, holographic nails polishes, etc. most users can easily forget to check the back for ingredients while obsessing over which one to get.

While it’s true that for most nail polishes, you may have to do extensive research to check whether they are vegan or not, an easier option is to just select beauty brands that are vegan and cruelty-free and buy products from them.

Nail polish brands like F.U.N Lacquer understand that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your personal style while buying nail polishes and therefore, go the extra mile to ensure that all the products you purchase are vegan and cruelty-free.

This way, you can get straight to experimenting with different nail polish colors and exploring different styles without having to worry about whether the product is cruelty-free or not.

And it’s only natural to question whether cruelty-free nail polish provides the same quality and texture as a regular nail polish would, particularly if you’re just making the shift.

Once you try cruelty-free nail polish, however, you’ll see that vegan/ cruelty-free nail polish is better, if anything. The results are almost identical but with the added benefit of being safe and free from animal harm.

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