What Exactly Is 5-Free Nail Polish?

The sign of a good brand is its evolution with its surroundings, what it learns from its consumers and how it adapts to the changes.

Any manufacturer can slap together a few ingredients and release a product in the market but what makes a brand stand out is its ability to act responsibly and take several things into account like environment friendliness, sustainability and ensuring the safety of its consumers.

Beauty brands are no different in this regard. As people start to become more conscious of the things they buy, beauty brands have also made the shift to more sustainable practices.

From cosmetics to other products like nail polishes that look harmless on the surface, beauty brands have started putting more thought into the ingredients they use to manufacture their products.

Recently, the 5-free nail polish standard has taken the beauty industry by storm and if you’re confused what all of it means, we’re here to help.

What is 5-Free Nail Polish?

With vegan products becoming more and more popular, nail polish brands have realized the importance of using toxic-free formulas as well.

The 5-free nail polish is a relatively new concept in the world of nail polishes and you’ve probably already seen the 5-free label on nail polishes already.

The 5-free nail polish formula basically means that the nail polish does not include any of the following hazardous ingredients that can potentially harm your nails, the cuticle around it, and most important the health consequences it brings to you. 

#1: Formaldehyde

This is the first of the 5 ingredients that is no longer used in 5-free nail polishes.

Formaldehyde is a glue-like substance that makes the nail polish stick to nails. Since the It is labelled as a carcinogen and can potentially trigger breathing problems, the ingredient is no longer used.

Allergic reactions to the formaldehyde are also very common. The skin around your nails is sensitive and any exposure to toxic substances such as formaldehyde can seriously cause damage, especially if exposed to it long-term. It is therefore, wise to use 5-free nail polish over traditional one.

#2: Formaldehyde resin

Formaldehyde resin is derived from formaldehyde and its purpose is to keep the color from breaking. Being a derivative of a harmful chemical like formaldehyde, it is not so healthy either.

Skin inflammation and allergies are probable consequences if your skin keeps coming in contact with it for longer periods of time. And since nail polish sticks on the nails for days and even weeks, formaldehyde resin can easily cause damage to your nails and skin.

#3: Camphor

Camphor is a chemical that leaves those dreaded yellow stains on your nails when the nail polish is removed.

With 5-free nail polish that does contain it, the stains are not very likely to cover your nails for days after removal and your nails will look healthy and fresh like you never applied anything.

By avoiding this chemical, you will also be keeping yourself safe from breathing and other health problems if you turn out to be allergic to it.

#4: Toluene

Toluene keeps the nail polish smooth but is also found to induce fatigue and dizziness in humans, which is why 5-free nail polish is such a huge hit amongst the consumers.

Toluene hits the nervous system and may harm babies in their developmental stages. For moms who want to look pretty, it should be a big no-no.

#5: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) is a plasticizer that helps nail polish keep its shape and texture. While all of that sounds wonderful, it also happens to be quite toxic and is found to cause harm to internal organs, such as liver, upon intake.

In fact, several toy industries strictly avoid using DBP while manufacturing toys for children because of its potential negative effects. 5-free nail polish steers clear of all of these harmful toxic ingredients to ensure that you get a safe experience.

What are all those other numbers for?

Ever since 5-free nail polish became popular, several more harmful ingredients in nail polishes were added to the list as well. 6-free nail polish excludes the ingredient parabens, 7-free nail polish gets rid of xylene as well. In simple words, as the numbers go up the chemicals go down. 

If you are a salon worker and wish to use the best quality nail polish for best results, experts recommend 5-free nail polish. You can always go higher to try and see if lesser toxic chemicals give better results but 5-free nail polish is the new normal.

And even if nail polishes contain chemicals that do not directly harm you, it is recommended that you opt for a scientifically proven safer option.

Once you start investing in 5-free nail polishes, it’s hard to see why anyone would opt for anything otherwise.

You won’t even have to spend a fortune and the results will only be healthier – with fresher cuticles and better-looking nails. Why compromise on it?

Why Should You Choose 5-Free Nail Polish?

If you’re using regular nail polish, you may find that the 5 harmful ingredients mentioned in the article earlier do not exactly harm you directly upon usage and or on the very first coat or application; the effects may be visible days or weeks later when your nails are exhausted by all the chemical exposure.

Therefore, for a safer and healthier experience, 5-free nail polish is the wiser choice.

It is only normal to upgrade your vanity, improve your beauty routine and get rid of the old products from time to time. Only this time, we recommend that when it comes to nail polish, look for a 5-free one.

With all the knowledge on your fingertips, it is the obligation of the consumer to create an environment of awareness by their choices and consume products that ensure quality as well as health, even if the product is as small as a nail polish. 

Final Thoughts

The 5-free formula has changed the way nail polish brands orient themselves. More and more vegan and cruelty-free nail polish brands are now embracing the 5-free label as a way to promote conscious consumerism and healthy living.

Next time you’re deciding on a nail polish color or stuck on whether you should get a gel nail polish done or a mate one, be sure to glance the packaging to look for the 5-free label as well – you’ll thank us for it later.

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